(Shorter) Content is King

Bigger isn’t always better. In fact, when it comes to content, shorter, bite-sized pieces are often (but not always) better. For marketers and content publishers, competition for attention and speed of information almost necessitates shorter content in many cases. Shorter content allows more frequent publishing, which is needed when the average life of a tweet,… Read More

22 Key Takeaways from the Program “New Social Media Marketing Tools and Rules”

I had the privilege of attending the Chicago American Marketing Association’s “New Social Media Marketing Tools and Rules” on Wednesday. Speakers for the program were Adam Lilly, Brand Director at Goose Island Beer Company and Nader Ali-Hassan, Associate Director, Social Media at Razorfish. It was an afternoon filled with actionable social media information, including the… Read More

New LinkedIn Features Enhance Content Targeting

Business use of social media is excellent for building brand awareness, engaging customers, conducting (unscientific) research and becoming a more social business overall. The problem has been (for most businesses) establishing clear return on investment (ROI) from social media. If we can establish more definitive ROI from social media, broader adoption and spending in this… Read More