For business-to-business (B2B) companies, proactive and sound public relations (PR) is a critical piece of the marketing communications mix and can often differentiate you from your competition.

A comprehensive B2B PR program works to shape the perception of your brand and your team for the better, and should be centered on your key messages and your audience.

S2 can help with many facets of your public relations, from strategy and planning through implementation and measurement, including:

Public Relations Strategy 

Starting at the foundation, we help define…

  • Messaging
  • Audience
  • Media and influencers
  • Key internal PR team members

We can lead through the entire strategy development process. Taking these steps in the beginning helps ensure your brand is positioned for long-term success.

Public Relations Planning

Your B2B PR plan sheds light on the path from your starting point to your destination. We work with you to plan the best tactics, tools and timelines needed to begin seeing results, while building in flexibility to act quickly to unforeseen PR opportunities.

Public Relations Implementation

It’s time to put the strategy and plan to work!

S2 can support you or fully manage common implementation needs, such as:

  • Owned media production (writing of audience content pieces through development of highly targeted media and influencer communications)
  • Earned media (ongoing management of key media and influencer opportunities and relationships)
  • Shared media (leading of social media and community management to help strengthen engagement and amplify content and messaging)
  • Paid media (identify and manage opportunities to boost visibility of your PR efforts through paid promotion)

Public Relations Measurement 

We can help you identify and track key metrics that demonstrate your PR efforts are supporting business goals. The practice of measuring will help identify PR strengths and weaknesses, and will help solidify the value your PR and department provides.

PR can be a powerful tool in your marketing communications toolbox, offering a third-party stamp of endorsement that no other form of marketing can.

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