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We may not have met just yet, but I already feel like I know you.

You’re probably a B2B marketing leader.

You may be trying to reach professionals who work in hospitals, or physician practices.

If you’re like many leaders, your conversion rates are not where you want them to be…

We should meet, because I’ve been there. By that I mean, I’ve been in your shoes.

I’ve been a B2B marketer, for many years. I’ve faced the challenges of persuading prospects and customers to take action, just like you.

But I haven’t just faced these challenges, I’ve had success in spite of them. I believe I can help you have success as well!

Following my decades of working as a marketer for healthcare providers, I have been able to use my deep understanding of healthcare professionals to create persuasive messages for them.

I can do the same for you… to help lift the conversion rates from your emails, landing pages, website, ads and other communications.

I’m eager to meet you and talk about how my healthcare knowledge, copywriting and marketing skills can help you.

After you’ve had a chance to read my formal bio below, please head over and take a look at some specific ways (services) I can help grow your B2B healthcare brand.

Here’s more about me (the third person version)…

Steve Sonn is an experienced marketing professional and Principal of S2 Marketing Communications, a boutique consultancy providing conversion copywriting and marketing consulting to B2B healthcare companies.

For more than 20 years, he has held a variety of B2B and healthcare provider marketing positions. 

Steve has worked with healthcare companies of all types and sizes, from B2B services and technology companies to community hospitals and large health systems. His experience spans developing marketing and brand strategy, marketing planning, implementation and program measurement, as well as copywriting and directing marketing campaigns.

He holds a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Roosevelt University and a bachelor’s degree in speech communications from Northeastern Illinois University.

Steve has been an active influence in the greater Chicago marketing community, having served in board and volunteer positions for area marketing and public relations associations.

His work has garnered over 15 national and international awards for excellence and creativity in marketing communications.