My Advantage and Process

As a busy marketing professional, the last thing you need is a copywriter who makes your life more challenging and complicated.

That’s why I make every effort to make the process of producing your conversion copy as efficient and painless as possible for you.

You’ll find that I’m easy to work with, and that I care about the success of your project and the growth of your business. You can count on me to communicate freely as we work together, but at the same time I don’t require any hand holding. What’s more, I know that you have deadlines that are important, so they’re important to me as well.

As you consider working with me, here’s a brief look at the process you can expect:

1. Getting to know you

After you contact me, I’ll reach out as soon as possible to set up a quick introductory call. This will help me determine what you need, and if I’m the best person for the project.

If after our first call it looks like there’s a good fit, we’ll need a lengthier call to discuss the project in more detail. I’ll need to know things like:

  • Final deliverables
  • Any unique challenges you’ve been facing
  • Existing customer research (or if we need to get more)
  • Company and product/service details
  • Who else I’ll be working with
  • Plans for any A/B testing
  • Deadlines and more

I’m now ready to write up everything I’ve learned into a proposal for your review. Once you receive it, ask any questions you want. When I get your thumbs up, it’s time to start the project!

2. Research and discovery

The research and discovery phase is a critical first step that lays the foundation for a successful project.

I’ll thoroughly analyze all of your customer research, looking for new opportunities to speak to your prospects and customers in ways that let them know you understand them, and can help them.

New research is sometimes needed to provide a complete picture of your customer. If more research is needed, such as customer interviews or surveys, it takes place during this initial phase.

Following my research analysis, I’ll develop a key message strategy that we can review and agree on prior to moving into the next phase of your project…

3. Writing and editing

It’s time to prepare the copy! I’ll build on the research and message strategy to come away with the specific copy you’ll want to use for more conversions.

You can review and make edits, if needed. Since I’ve done my research, we should be good to go pretty quickly.

4. Launch and optimization

The big day is here! Time to introduce your new copy to your prospects and customer (and watch your conversions start an upward climb).

If you’ll be A/B testing, we’ll track the results and optimize based on what we learn–for even higher conversion rates!

I’d love to answer your questions and learn more about your project. To arrange an introductory call, simply contact me and I’ll be in touch soon.